About Us


I'm Katie. The founder of Discount Dungeon. 

There are a few of things I believe in. Queer justice. Social justice. Fucking up the patriarchy.

I also believe everyone has the right to sexual fulfilment! I know trans and other queer folk are often in a position where they're unable to have any sort of kink gear collection - leading them to engage in unsafe practices.

And sure, there are places you can buy cheap gear online, but how do you know it's any good? We've all been burned by a blind Wish purchase!

I'm here to change that. This stuff is personally tested for quality by me, and is hella cheap. And if you still can't afford it? Let me know. Seriously, email me, we'll work something out.

You have the right to a sex life, just like everyone else. Reach out and take it. Happy trails! And don't do anything I wouldn't do!